About us

An entrepreneur and businesswoman who has been the founder and developer of three successful retail boutique brands that champion local design and ethical production. Coppelia, Mungo & Jemima and MeMeMe which together have opened a number of outlets over the years.
Alongside this over 20 years as head designer for Coppélia clothing, always with a focus on nurturing and supporting the local clothing production industry.

Flattering, feminine clothes for grown-up women. This is the simple ethos behind Coppélia, founded by Kirsty Bannerman. Recognising a gap in the market for wearable, hand-crafted pieces that don’t cost the earth, the Cape Town based designer launched her unique, colourful designs in 2005.

With a love of good craftsmanship, Kirsty's intuitive eye for colour, pattern and a really good fit, creates fantastically flattering dresses that are kind to the body and can be worn day and night. 

Coppélia believes in slow fashion, working with small, local manufacturers who look after their highly-skilled workers and ensure excellent working conditions. The fabrics used are of the highest quality. Pattern cutting, stitching and tailoring is done in one single workshop, aiming for a very short supply chain. We produce in small batches to avoid waste and over production. This may sometimes lead to short waiting times due to products being sold out and temporarily out of stock.
 Visit us in Stellenbosch (Shop 7a, De Wet Centre Courtyard)